Youth-Vocational Development and Transformation

Youth VDT is an active local youth group focusing on gender equality, environment (including natural resources) and climate change, economic stability and employment and adult learning.

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Youth-Vocational Development and Transformation (Youth-VDT) is a youth initiative registered as a Community Development Organiasation (CBO) at Ilemela Municipality, Mwanza region in Tanzania. The founders had interest in the area of “economic justice and empowerment , they wanted to establish an instituion that could focus on “empowering youth in a resource poor community through enterprises”, that could also contribute into reducing youth unemployment, reduce vulnerability of young people, increase voice and advocacy for the needs of young women and men entrepreneurs, improve wealth, confidence, dignity, welfare of the young people and their respective families and wider community in Lake Victoria regions.

Vision: Youth (men and women) are becoming entrepreneurs and ultimately contribute towards reducing “youth unemployment” and subsequent income poverty.

Mission: Promote and advance the young women and men entrepreneurs through handcraft, training and mentoring.