Youth and Environment Vision

YEV is a youth led organisation works to inspire and empower youth and children to foster Sustainable development.



Youth and Environment Vision (YEV) is a youth led organization works to inspire and empower youth and children to foster Sustainable development. The organization started as Community based organization in 2012 and then due to the rapid growth in its capacity, influence and contribution to youth and community development was registered as a national NGO in 2018 with registration number 00NGO 00009886.


The idea to establish youth organization that could deal with youth social-economical needs and environmental conservation started way back in 2010. The Founder Mr. Jonathan Kassibu was then a teacher at Bwiru Girls High School. At that same time, he was also a Patron for Malihai, Roots and shoots and YUNA clubs.

It was his engagement with youth and environment through the just mentioned clubs, Mr. Kassibu developed a dream of ensuring that someday in near future youth will be organized and facilitated in order to solve their socio-economic problems and play active role in environmental conservation through a coordinated organization..

To get his dream realized, Mr. Kassibu resigned as a full time teacher to dedicate his time to youth welfare. Amazingly! the organization started in 2012 as a CBO with youth meeting under a big tree weekly has since grown from strength to strength to owning an office and equipment such as tailoring machines, computers and carpentry tools for training youth on various skills!

In the quest for its growth, the organization main drivers all along have commitment and passion for youth affairs. YEV has also been inspired by Martin Luther King (jnr.) who famously said that… “If you can’t fly, run…If you can’t run, walk…if you can’t walk, crawl…but whatever you do you have to move forward”. That’s exactly what YEV has been striving to achieve its high excellence.


To have highly empowered youth and highly restored environment for sustainable future of Tanzania.


Inspiring,educating,networking,advocating and empowering youth to enhance sustainable youth development and sustainable environmental conservation accross the country.


Our motivation is change in youth and society welfare.