Mwanza Youth and Children Network

MYCN implements activities focused on the environment, youth economic empowerment and livelihood, child rights and responsibilities, policy advocacy, and health and wellbeing.


Mwanza youth and children network (MYCN) is a youth-led organization working in Tanzania, registered in December 2010 with registration number 00NGO/00004246 with its head quarter at Ilemela Mwanza. The organization envisioning for “a prosperous Tanzania youth and children generation that having sustainable development”. With a mission of “catalyzing and facilitating youth and children so as to have the best means for them to participate and acquire their intellectual, physical, moral, cultural, and economic development for their own development and society in general” .

MYCN is implementing its activities in six regions which are Mwanza, Shinyanga, Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Dodoma and Zanzibar on Environment, Youth Economic Empowerment and Livelihood, child rights and responsibilities, Policy Advocacy, and Health and wellbeing.