Mengo Youth Development Link

MYDEL empowers vulnerable children and youths from slum communities through education, sensitisation and skills development to contribute to a sustainable poverty reduction.


Mengo Youth Development Link (MYDEL) is a Non-government Organization based in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It was founded in 2001 as a slum youth initiative under the patronage of Mr Pascal Lutaya. Starting as a community-based organization (CBO) during the outbreak of cholera and Ebola in many of the slum areas in Kampala, MYDEL initially focused on hygiene and health sensitization of the affected people, supported by local politicians and the community itself. Working in close collaboration with the local population and local leaders, MYDEL became aware of other community challenges including a high rate of HIV/AIDS infections, drug abuse, prostitution, child abuse, domestic violence and the marginalization of people with disabilities.

In 2004 MYDEL was officially registered as a NGO and expanded its activities according to the needs assessment carried out in an early state of its operation. Following an early intervention approach, MYDEL decided to focus its programs on the most vulnerable children and youths from the slum community, most of whom being school dropouts and orphans.

MYDEL’s mission is the empowerment of this target group through education, sensitization and skills development to contribute to a sustainable poverty reduction among these marginalized communities.