Jeunesse Pour La Paix Et Le Developpement Du Monde Rural

JPDMR asbl works in six priority areas: peace and good governance; leadership and democracy; human rights; health and education; gender; environmental protection; and agriculture, fishing and livestock.

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JPDMR is an initiative of former young students from one university, which has opened up to other university and non-university youth communities in the province of South Kivu, DRC. This initiative was born since January 2014 and has its headquarters in the city of Bukavu. It is registered by the Provincial Division of Justice of South Kivu under the N° JUST. 112/DP -SKV/CA/5268/2017.

As a result, JPDMR asbl works in six priority areas, namely:

  • Peace, Good Governance, Leadership and Democracy;
  • Human Rights;
  • Health and Education;
  • Gender
  • Environmental protection;
  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock.

The key objectives of our initiative focus on these aspects:

  • Organize campaigns for peace, peaceful cohabitation of communities through the creation of youth clubs for peace (CJP) in the 8 territories of South Kivu province including the city of Bukavu;
  • Organize information and training sessions on peace education, good governance and leadership for rural and urban youth in South Kivu province;
  • Promote the rights of rural women and girls for their empowerment by creating the Mutuelles de Solidarités (MUSO);
  • Fight against early and forced marriage of children in rural and urban areas of South Kivu province;
  • To constitute youth brigades for reforestation in the territories to reconstitute the vegetation cover of our regions, etc.

In the field, to promote and consolidate peace, peace clubs are already organized on different themes with other partner organizations. To bring communities together, we organize soccer tournaments between territories and groups. We have carried out some actions through our youth exchanges through partnerships with other youth organizations such as the organization of Young African Leaders, a pan-African organization with which ours has been working for 4 years already by organizing conferences and debates on the themes of leadership, peace, good governance and climate change. We also have a sustained partnership with the Rural Foundation of Young Entrepreneurs for Integrated Development, FORUJEDI for short. We are also partnering with the Social Laboratory, an organization whose members are young girls, boys and men from the diaspora around the world as well as young people living here in the country with a particularity of working in the field of development research. This organization is composed of many more literate women and men: university professors, doctors, supervisors, assistants and other researchers.